I guess if you parse a description of life to the short form, it could be said you’re born, then you die. However, that space between borning and dying is the biographical summation of the human race; that’s the juicy part of life. So, here is my bio, without juice, and only a few embellishments.

Seeming more like a hundred years ago, I was born in Iowa in 1942. My father liked to joke (I think) that I was conceived in the back seat of a 1939 Hudson. What a rascal that old Catholic must have been!

Growing up in Davenport, Iowa, I received the usual grade school and high school educations and later attended college where I concentrated on writing and literature. After college I did a fair amount of newspaper and magazine pieces concerning the Fly Fishing culture enthralling our country; especially after the arrival of Robert Redford’s Movie, A River Runs Through It, created something of a national sensation.

“The Movie” seemingly caused an inert portion of our population to do something once and for all about the void in their collective lives. Stressed-out capitalists, bored folks from every address along main street America and, in a very noteworthy way, women from an array of backgrounds, seeking their individual independence, took to the Angle of the Fly in droves. Whenever I talked to any of these apprentices, most seemed to be longing for something other than just trout fishing; perhaps that illusive thing called self-fulfillment, all wrapped up in the lovely artful cast of a fly line whispering overhead … Zen-like and soulfully beautiful.

Maybe there is a question here where the answer is wrapped in metaphor and myth. Who really knows why suddenly all those people longed to stand in cold water, swishing a “stick” in a desperate act of fishing? I know what I know! I’ve been doing it since I was 10 years old and I love it more every day and I can’t wait for tomorrow to go fishing!