Paper Saint: She’s a bit like Flat Stanley. She is an explorer and a world-traveler. She seeks adventure in all things, knows where to find it, and has the capability to get there. She’s independent and creative. She appreciates learning and culture.  We mean to be a boundless source of information on the topics that are most important to our readers.

Paper Saint’s content is a balance of  food, fashion, travel, literature and history. We want to tell stories that introduce our readers to new experiences.  Paper Saint tells all kinds of stories, from searching the world for the perfect knife to stories about finding the American Spirit tucked in the corners of Graceland.  We’re curious about how stuff is made and where things come from.  We tell a deeper story about the how and why.

If you still want to know more, read the No.1 Letter from the Editor, and then explore!


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We want to ensure that our readers enjoy a rich and rewarding experience every time they visit Paper Saint. For this reason, Paper Saint does not offer traditional advertising leaderboards or tiles. Instead, we offer limited paid sponsored content opportunities. Native content allows your brand to engage with our readers on a more compelling level, telling your brand story in ways that simple graphic tiles can not.

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