6 Mid-Summer Wardrobe Upgrades

We’re mid-way through summer now. End-of-season sales are starting, and new Fall styles are beginning to show up in the stores. Suddenly that cute dress you bought in the Spring doesn’t feel so special any more. Maybe you’ve been working last year’s dresses this summer – kudos to you! Or perhaps your amazing Instagram showcases all of the mileage you’ve gotten out of this year’s swimsuit.

Before you dive in and go on a mid-summer spree, check out some of these easy (and easy-on-your-bank-account) mid-season wardrobe upgrades. You’d be surprised at how a simple on-trend handbag can reignite your love for that favorite dress!  And with these light updates now, you’ll be even more surprised at what you have for your Fall wardrobe budget.


1. Wicker handbag

This handbag is so mesmerizing that it has been showing up in our dreams. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a handbag so completely transform any outfit. The combination of the edgy, geometric shape and classic materials are what make this bag feel so ultra-chic. Pair it with a maxi dress for immediate impact. And at just under $40, this is a guilt-free indulgence.

2. Wooden Sandals

If you grew up in the 1970’s, then you probably have fond memories of clomping around the house in your mother’s wooden sandals. These retro gems never really went out of style. And if you want to take a basic style and push it over to the retro side – these are a great place to start. Let’s also not forget how insanely comfortable these shoes are! Chic and comfortable – they are classics for a reason!


3. Coral lipstick

Pop O Color Alert!  Don’t be shy, dive into a bright coral or bright pink hue this summer. The brighter, the better. Show off that mid-summer glow with a statement lip. Splurge a little on Saint Laurent or Chanel, and you’ll feel like a million bucks every time you swipe it across your lips. Your brunch friends will be asking you to regale them with stories from Cannes!


Chantal Thomass: Designer French lingerie with couture know-how




4. Tiny Sunglasses

This trend has yet to be vetted, it may only last one season or it may have enough staying power for a few. For now, these tiny retro glasses have the power to make a statement. While we love the cat eye, we aren’t sure how long this trend will stick around and therefore don’t want to invest too much into them. But for only about 10 bucks, it’s worth rolling with this trend.

5. Kimono

Who needs a new dress when you can throw a kimono over it? Easiest update ever! We love the large palm print that is everywhere this season, but we didn’t get in on the trend before everything sold out. It feels trendy to us, and we’re not so sure we’ll still love this big palm print next year. Call in the kimono! Pop it over a white t-shirt and shorts, or layer it over a sun dress. This on-trend print makes updating easy!

6. Giant hat

You do not have to be Holly Golightly to rock the oversized hat trend. Big hats are more than a trend – they’re just smart! Why squander all that money on a great sunscreen and skincare routine, and then punish your skin with a sunburn? These hats shade your face, your neck, your shoulders, heck – if you get one big enough it may even shade your booty! All kidding aside, we can’t seem to find enough shady spots any more so we’ll just make our own with a big wide hat.


Summer will be over soon, but there is still plenty of time to sit by the pool and make memories. Don’t let the ‘dog days’ ruin your summer mojo. Recapture that Springtime enthusiasm with a few simple upgrades. No overhaul needed, just a few strategic accessories.