No.1 – Letter From the Editor

Someone recently asked, “Why the name Paper Saint?”

The only book that Pearl ever sat still long enough to read as a child was Flat Stanley. In the book, Stanley Lambchop suffers a tragic run-in with a bulletin board that renders him as flat as a pancake made with almond milk. In his new, paper-thin state, Stanley discovers the world as never before. The best part of his new life is that he can go anywhere he wants by being mailed in an envelope. He can enter locked rooms by sliding under doors. Stanley conquers the mundanity of his life and becomes a unique kind of explorer.

Enter Paper Saint: the patron-saint of the modern explorer, who can take you anywhere – everywhere. These days, one can begin an adventure in the words of an article – new knowledge is the ticket to ride. We (All of us here at Paper Saint, and you) are tired of the same old recycled information: What’s “in” this season? Who is dating whom? Should I wear vertical or horizontal stripes? Which magical fruit can make me lose 10 pounds fast? As it turns out, we don’t care about that. We have a broader range of interests. And we’re not just curious about what it is. We want to know how and why it is.

We also realize that each of us has many layers. Dig deep and discover. You’ll find that you are not your gender. You are not your hometown. You are not your job. Just because you work in the fashion industry doesn’t mean you only want to read about NY Fashion Week. Maybe you like to build furniture in your spare time. Sure, you’re a web-developer, but .net magazine is not your everything. You also want to know what all the fuss is about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and you’re totally going.

Each of us has a story to tell, beyond what we look like on paper. Each adventure adds a new chapter.

We originally started this magazine as a way to journal our own adventures, sharing all of the pleasant surprises with one another. Paper Saint has grown into a community of adventurers. The adventure lies in broadening our horizons beyond what we do – even what we love to do – each day. What makes us alike is that we actively seek that adventure, every day. The adventure may be as simple as discovering all of the things one can do with a kumquat, or as complex as plotting course for a multi-day hike through Devil’s Path in the Catskills. Every adventure becomes part of our story.

Each month, or maybe each week if we’re feeling plucky, or maybe each day if we really get crazy, we will publish new content. Check out our “Recent” page to see what’s new. And talk to us: If there’s an adventure you’d like us to share, let us know. We’re game. We will go there and take you along for the ride.

We will cover many topics because we, like you, have many interests. And we’re developing new ones each day. That’s what Paper Saint is about: We’re going everywhere. Join us.

Kelly Koeppel